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Last Update: 17 June 2017

Tools & Equipment

There are a few tools distributed by Gougeon Bros. that are listed on the WEST SYSTEM page and not on this page. These include several items similar to those listed here plus a small plastic syringe for injecting resin into small openings.

Cup Gun

Gelcoat Spray Gun

The Model G-100 by ES Manufacturing, commonly called a cup gun, is primarily designed for spraying gelcoat but it is useful for a wide range of other applications. The main assembly is cast aluminum. It uses a one-quart paper or plastic cup to hold the spray material. The kit includes one of each type cup and a #6 nozzle, which is suitable for most gelcoats. We suggest going to the larger #8 nozzle for spraying gelcoat with metalflake. Thin liquids such as PVA mold release can be handled with the #1 nozzle. ES makes several other models of spray gun which we do not stock but which can be special ordered and drop-shipped from the factory without delay.

G-100 spray gun kit with 2 cups & #6 nozzle 149.00
Fluid nozzles: #1, #2, #4, #6, #8, #9,   each  14.00
Quart paper cups1.00 each13.00 pkg of 25167.00 case of 500
Quart plastic cups, HD reusable  3.00 each  30.00 dozen
Complete O-ring kit13.00Cast-aluminum cup lid  25.00
All other replacement parts are available on order if needed.

ES rollers

Rollers, Brushes & Spreaders

Grooved aluminum rollers are used to press air bubbles out of laminates. They are made by ES Manufacturing in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. We keep three types in stock and we can order other types if necessary. The photo at right shows, left to right, the barrel roller for curved surfaces, the corner roller for tight corners, and the cylindrical roller for flat surfaces.

Roller covers Napped rollers and foam rollers are used to spread resin and saturate fabric. We again carry three types, the use of each largely amounting to personal preference of the laminator. The 9" napped rollers are epoxy bonded to hold up under continuous use in aggressive solvents. These are not hardware-store paint rollers. The roller frame is a heavy, five-wire cage for the smoothest operation. Shown left to right in the photo are 3/8" medium-nap and 1/4" short-nap covers, the five-wire frame, and the 1/8" foam cover, which is a Wooster T1Z product.

Plastic spreaders or “squeegees” come in 4" and 6" widths. They can be used for a variety of operations from applying autobody putty to working air bubbles out of laminates.

Our brushes have white, natural bristles and wooden handles. They are the best compromise between price and quality we have found. They stand up to repeated cleanings in acetone but they are cheap to pitch after a single use if one wishes to do so.

Grooved aluminum roller, 1" x 3" length, straight cylinder  9.00 each
      same, 1" x 3" length, barrel shaped, 15" radius 11.00 each
      same, 2" x ¼" radius, for corners and grooves  9.00 each
Roller frame, 7" width, 5-wire cage, for foam or nap covers  3.00 each
Roller cover, 9" width, specify short or medium nap —
    3.00 each28.00 dozen77.00 case of 36
Thin, foam-covered roller covers, 9" width, Go To: WEST System #800
4" plastic spreader  0.50 each  4.00 dozen19.00 box of 100
6" plastic spreader  1.00 each  8.00 dozen36.00 box of 100

Resin brushes,   ½" width  .40 each  3.00 dozen  8.00 box of 36
      1" width  .50 each  4.00 dozen10.00 box of 36
      1½" width  .60 each  5.00 dozen12.00 box of 36
      2" width  .80 each  6.00 dozen10.00 box of 24
      3" width1.20 each  8.00 dozen14.00 box of 24
Metal-handled glue brushes, ½" width, Go To: WEST System #803

Stirring Sticks

We have two types of stirring sticks. The smaller one is essentially a popsicle stick [3/8" x 4.5"] and the larger one is the tongue depressor [3/4" x 6"] that we all know and love from visits to the doctor. The small sticks come in boxes of 1000 and the larger ones in boxes of 500. Both are available in packages of 100, which we make up by weight, so the true count is probably 100 ±2 or 3.

Popsicle sticks 2.00 per 100  9.00 per 1000
Tongue depressors 3.00 per 10010.00 per 500



Pictured at right is our inexpensive plastic syringe for injecting resin into small openings and other potential uses. It has a 12 ml capacity and a long, narrow plastic tip. There is also tight-fitting, slip-on cap so that a filled syringe can be carried from the shop to a job site without dripping. This is not a medical syringe and cannot be used with a needle. These are similar, but not identical, to the WEST System #807 syringe, which we no longer carry. A dozen or more are shipped unassembled.

Plastic syringe1.00 each8.00 per dozen40.00 per 100


Two styles of Fiskars® scissors are custom sharpened and tested on Kevlar® in our shop. While not as durable as carbide blades costing ten times as much, these work very well and are easily resharpened as needed. The surest way to ruin these scissors is to cut fiberglass with them. Hence, we also carry a cheap model that works well for glass. Graphite or carbon fiber, despite its reputation for strength, can be easily cut with any scissor and it does not dull the scissor as does fiberglass. We just learned that the handles of the cheap #5508 scissors do not hold up to cleaning in acetone, so it would pay not to let them get heavily gunked up with resin.

#9441,   9½" bent shear sharpened for Kevlar® 18.00 each16.00, 10 or more
#9450,   Smaller (8"), Left-handed version of #9441 13.00 each11.50, 10 or more
Cut Works #5508, cheaper 8" scissor for fiberglass  4.00 each  3.50, 10 or more

EC Cutter

E.C. Cutter

This unique, light-weight cutter has many uses in any fiberglass shop. It will cut aramid fabrics as well as fiberglass. The complete kit, shown at right, comes with two sets of blades (one with a guide shoe and one without), rechargeable battery and charger, AC adapter and transformer.

E.C. Cutter complete,   $99.00
Blade set, specify type,   $23.00
Rechargeable battery,   $23.00

Fiberglass Chopper


Compact, hand-held, air-powered roving choppers are safe and easy to use for both small and large jobs. Available in direct drive or gear reduction models, the latter providing greater control over glass fiber output. Strand length from 1/4" to 3", output up to 3.5 lb/min. These are special-order items, not kept in stock, but they can be drop-shipped from the factory within one day of receipt of an order. For more information please consult the ES Manufacturing web site.

CDA-08 air-powered chopper,   $290.00CGA-08 gear-reduction air chopper,   $408.00

The following parts are available from stock:Anvil roller, each,   $1.35
Blades, 12,          $14.00
Blades, 100,        $31.00

mekp disp

MEKP Dispenser

The Nalgene MEKP dispenser (right) is a 500 ml plastic bottle with a measuring cup attached. When the bottle is squeezed, the liquid fills the cup to a preset level with excess being drawn back into the bottle. The measuring range is from 1 to 25 ml. Be sure to loosen the cap slightly when not in use so changing air pressure does not force liquid out of the bottle.
$20.00 each

mekp disp


We have two less-expensive MEKP dispensers, made by ES, the smaller shown at left. Please let us know if these work as well as the higher priced one!

Pint bottle, measures 2.5 to 35 ml.   $5.50
Liter bottle, measures 5 to 100 ml.   $9.00

Safety Equipment

MSA Comfo Classic
MSA Logo

MSA Respirators

The Comfo Classic twin-cartridge respirator by Mine Safety Appliances, used with GMA cartridges, is suitable for most resin applications. This is an air-purifying respirator for use in normal atmospheric air contaminated with low levels of styrene or other organic vapors. It is not to be used where oxygen is deficient or where other dangerous gases are present. For spraying operations, where resin mist is present, or for sanding in areas where there are both organic vapors and dust present, the Type F prefilters should be used over the cartridges. For sanding or other dusty operations where vapors are not present the cartridges may be removed and the Type F filter holders attached directly to the respirator, making it lighter and more comfortable.

Respirators come in small, medium, and large sizes. We will ship medium, which fits the large majority of faces, unless large or small is specified. We should not have to say this but a respirator may not be returned for credit. We will accept a return only as a direct exchange for a different size if there is a fit problem and then only if it has been fit tested but not actually worn. Obviously no one would want to buy a respirator that some unknown person has worn so we cannot accept a return.

We keep most repair parts in stock and will be glad to order any other parts you might need. Additional information is available directly from the MSA web site for these products. We would like to give specific URLs but they keep changing their site. This link gets you to the MSA home page. Click on “Products” and then search.

We stock these respirators and GMA cartridges primarily for use with our vinylester and epoxy resins. However, they can be used for protection from a great many different chemicals. To determine the requirements for most chemicals go the the MSA Resources page and conduct a search for the materials of interest. If the contaminant is an organic vapor and the MSA Purifying Element is listed as “GMA” then our stock cartridges will work. The respirator code for the Comfo Classic is A2 and for the Ultratwin it is C1.

We STRONGLY RECOMMEND that anyone involved in resin applications, sanding,
or spraying wear a respirator even in ventilated areas.

MSA Comfo Classic respirator with two GMA cartridges54.00 each
Replacement GMA cartridges20.00 pair89.00 box of 10
Type F dust filters17.00 pkg of 1076.00 box of 50
Clip-on reusable holders for Type F filters  8.00 pair

Tyvek® Clothing

DuPont Tyvek® protective clothing is tough enough to wash and reuse but cheap enough to throw away. We stock zipper-front coveralls with plain sleeves. They are also made with elastic wrists, hoods, and other amenities, as well as a more complete range of sizes. We can special order any of these in case quantities. We also stock 18" sleeves with elastic bands at both ends, and aprons, bib-style, 28" x 36".

#1412 Coveralls 1-9 Suits10-24 SuitsCase of 25 Suits  
Size small5.00 each4.30 each90.00 case
Size large or XX-large5.50 each4.60 each98.00 case

#1450 Sleeves 1.00 each11.00 for 2063.00 case of 200
#1447 Aprons 2.00 each15.00 for 1099.00 case of 100


The yellow latex gloves are suitable for general resin work and household chores. They can be cleaned up and reused. The clear latex exam gloves are lighter weight, single use only. Nitrile gloves are tougher than the latex exam gloves but not as stretchy. They are available in medium, large, and extra-large, except the package of 10, which are large only. Nitrile is a safe alternative for folks allergic to latex but we have found that they do not hold up when used in acetone.

Yellow latex gloves, specify S, M, L, XL  1.00 pair  10.00 dozen
Clear latex exam gloves, one size, box of 100  8.00 box  70.00 10 boxes
Blue nitrile gloves: M, L, XL1.00 pkg of 10 (L only)15.00 box of 100 110.00 10 boxes

eyewash bottle

Eyewash Bottle

One final item of safety gear that does not fit in any other category — a pint plastic squeeze bottle with eye cup to use for rinsing eyes. Keep one anywhere that MEKP is used since MEKP can cause permanent eye damage from very short exposure.

$19.00 each

Please contact us for more information.