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Last Update: 3 February 2022

Seam Tape

Plain-Weave Tape

We carry standard, plain-weave seam tape in fiberglass and Kevlar® materials. They come on 50-yd rolls (except as noted in the price table), which can be purchased singly, by the dozen, or, for fiberglass, by the case. All tapes in this section may be combined to qualify for the dozen price and the 3" and 4" widths will qualify at 8 rolls (marked by †) unless combined with narrower widths. Cases of fiberglass tape do not combine; these are set prices for full, unbroken cases. 25-yd rolls of 3" tape are sold by the case only. We also sell less-than-roll quantities by the yard. Commonly used as boat building and boat repair materials, these tapes are useful in all manner of composites projects. These are laminating tapes for use with epoxy or vinylester resins – they have NO adhesive backing!

The fiberglass tape shown in the table below is 8.7 oz/yd² material, 17 x 17 construction, using ECG 75-1/3 warp and a doubled ECG 50-1/0 fill, thickness approximately 10 mils, 50-yd rolls except as noted. For details on yarn terminology, see our Fabric Information page.

Plain-weave Glass Tape>12 rollsBy the full case:
Widthper ydper rollper rollRolls/caseCost/case
 1"0.6014.00 13.00   60708.00
 1½"0.8017.5016.50   42616.00
 2"0.9019.5018.00   32517.00
 3"1.1526.0024.00 †   22480.00
 3" x 25 yd  —  —  —   42513.00
 4"1.5033.5031.00 †   16452.00

Kevlar® Tape

Kevlar® tape is made with aramid fabrics woven from DuPont Kevlar 49® yarn. It is approximately 5 oz/yd², 17 x 17 construction using 1140 denier yarn, thickness approximately 9 mils, 50-yd rolls. It is the same construction as style 281 broad goods. This tape is used in the same way as fiberglass but it is lighter and has much greater toughness. The paragraph on plain-weave tapes, above, describes the quantities, price breaks, etc.

Plain-weave Kevlar® Tape>12 rolls
Widthper ydper rollper roll
  1"2.15  73.00  65.00
  1½"2.40  89.00  84.00

Bias Tape

We carry bias tape in aramid fibers. The bias materials are stronger for a given weight because all of the fibers cross the seam line. They also conform around curves better. The widths and weights listed are not precise; because of its construction, the width of any bias tape can be adjusted somewhat as it is laid up. Less-than-roll quantities are sold by the yard. Twaron bias tape roll size may vary, typically 100m or 150m. The 100m prices are listed.

Bias Tape

Click here to see an overall view of these tapes [36 kB]. For a close-up view that shows the structure of these tapes click on the small image at right. This opens a large file [286 kB] that overflows an 800px screen so you must scroll across it to see the whole image.

Twaron® is an aramid fiber that is basically the same as Kevlar®. For more details see our Fabric Information page.

Bias Tape:
Roll size,
  yd / m
⅜" Twaron®, Ger      14-16110 / 1001.40  93.00
¾" Twaron®, Ger    8  12110 / 1002.90 197.00
1" Twaron®, Ger    8.5  16110 / 1002.80 193.00
1½" Twaron®, Ger  10  14110 / 1003.05 209.00
2" Kevlar®, US    8.5    9100 /   914.85 313.00

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