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Last Update: 15 January 2024

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We are distributors of FRP materials and supplies. We mainly serve the light-marine industry, primarily canoe and kayak manufacturers as well as boat repair shops, but we have customers in model aircraft, autobody work, and several other specialty composites markets. Our products are used for mold making, boat building, and repair work of all kinds. We handle a wide variety of fabrics in fiberglass (E-glass), S-glass, Kevlar® (aramid), graphite (carbon fiber), and polyester, all in quantities from one yard to full rolls. We carry epoxy resins, pigments, metal flake and many other fillers and additives. Types of seam tape include woven fiberglass and aramid, in several widths as well as bias tapes in aramid. Other products include mold releases and mold-prep products, Minicel® foam, neoprene materials and glue, shock cord, as well as basic tools, respirators, and other safety gear.

We specialize in fast, personalized service. We are small enough to know our regular customers and their needs yet large enough to ship most orders from stock within a day or two after they are placed. Our prices are below typical industry pricing, with brackets for fabrics based on yardage shipped per quarter. We strive to serve all customers, small and large. We will try to provide short answers to e-mailed questions. If you need more detailed technical support please phone during normal business hours. We can offer some suggestions on layups and other uses but we do not have the staff or expertise to plan your project for you! If you have problems with our products or service, please tell us; if all is well, tell your friends. Click on the Catalog pages, below, for details about our products, then check our Terms and How to Order further down on this page. Be sure to check our News Page for product updates, corrections, special items, and a calendar of our holiday schedule.


Our on-line Catalog is complete and always up to date. We do not have a printed version at this time.


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At this time we do not have a means to take orders directly from this web site except by e-mail, for which there is a link on every page. You may phone in your order during business hours (9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Eastern US time) to 301-229-2201. We prefer to receive orders over the phone or by e-mail. If you wish to send a FAX, you must call us first as the machine is turned on only as needed. Please give the style number when ordering fabrics and for other materials, sufficient details that we can be sure to know what you want.


All Prices & Policies are Subject to Change without Notice.

Valid HTML Valid CSS This web site will always be under development. Our on-line Catalog is complete. Supplementary pages will be added or expanded to include more detailed info about materials, some How-To tips, and links to other related sites of interest.

Please contact us for more information.

Our Privacy Policy is very simple. We maintain records on our customers strictly for our own use, to assist us in more efficiently serving their needs. We do not sell, trade, loan, or in any way share this information with anyone else. Period.

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